Other Ministries

Worldwide Missions Support

We currently support the following missionaries serving around the world:

Andrew & Elena Au to Hong Kong
Dave & Debbie Board to South East Asia
Ge & Heidi Chang to Thailand
Eric & Stephanie Chapman to Moldova
Christian Law Association
Tom & Janice Crawford to Indonesia
Frank Denisi to the Philippines
Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission
Johnny Esposito to Southeast Asia
Pat & Elizabeth Flores to Mexico
Dan & Heidi Gardner to Japan
J.B. & Linda Godfrey – Vice President & Executive Director of BIMI
Mark & Michele Hale to Portugal
Dave & Jenny Harris – Far East Director for BIMI
Justin & Grace Hayes to Spain
Ed & Carole Hembree with BIMI
Tony & Dawn Hess to Ukraine
Brant & Marylou Holladay to Europe
John & Cathy Honeycutt to Asia
Bryan & Rebekah Johnson to Brazil
Erik & Holly Johnson to the Dominican Republic
Ramzi & Ruth Kammar to Israel
Frederick & Antoinette Kearney to Ghana
Naoki (Nathan) & Ruth Kinoshita to Tokyo, Japan
Swante & Linda Lindquist to Jamaica
Xavier & Rebecca Lopez to Bolivia
Rick & Becky Martin to the Philippines
Rick & Gayle McLain to Brazil
Arturo & Nicole Munoz to Mexico
Steve & Frankie Nutt with BIMI
Toto & Sunny Paclibar to Korea
Jesse & Lynn Pilalas to the Military in Japan
Rusty & Karen Pilalas to the Military in Germany
Ben & Wendy Burks with Reformers Unanimous International
Ladies Discipleship Home – Reformers Unanimous International
Jason & Ana Russell to Papua New Guinea
Sarah Sager to Russia
John & Dixie Sasser to the Jewish People
Don Sisk – BIMI
Doug Sisson to the Philippines
Ron White to the International Baptist Colleges
Justin & Holly Williams to England
Ron & Rachel Winkler to Rakvere, Estonia
Witness (David Wood Ministries)
Adam & Angela Young to Russia

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